Custom Illustration

Custom illustrations make thoughtful, personal gifts that last for generations.

Commissioning an illustration for you, a friend, or family member is an expression of love that I take great pride in being a part of. While watercolor is my favorite, I have experience in many other mediums.

Many illustrations are best suited to traditional paper, but I also enjoy creating art on other, less traditional surfaces. Ask me about the time I illustrated a family homestead on a generations-old milk can! Bring your ideas to the table and we'll find a great fit together. 

Custom illustrated map

Custom Maps

This watercolor map was on the back side of a couple's "Save the Date" photo. Tell me the landmarks and info you want to include along with the overall feel, and then I'll create something that is truly unique to you and the occasion you are celebrating. Gift idea:  Mat and frame for a lifetime keepsake! 


Illustrations in Unexpected Places

Seating charts can combine calligraphy and illustration.  Here, I painted a canvas with chalkboard paint, used chalk for the calligraphy, and pastels for the poppies to design a chart that coordinated with the rest of the wedding's theme.  

Custom illustration and artwork

Watercolor & Calligraphy Pairings

Watercolor illustrations or washes can pair beautifully with calligraphy. Do you have a quote that holds meaning for a friend, family member, or loved one? Let's create something personal and special so they can keep the message close by.