About Inkling Illustration and Calligraphy Columbia, MO

Outdoors. Westies. A glass of wine. Creating.

I've been creating artwork my whole life. My favorite projects to work on are the ones that bring joy to others. At Inkling, I've done calligraphy and illustrations for weddings, birthdays, baby announcements, and countless other special occasions.

To me, anything created by hand is a gift – it's a gift I love giving to others for themselves, or for them to turn around and give to someone else.

Whether it's beautiful watercolor flowers paired with a favorite quote for a loved one, or a custom map of your hometown, I embrace all projects with enthusiasm. I hope to exceed my client's highest expectations - not only with my work, but with our working relationship as we collaborate together.

Syd Stansberry of Inkling Calligraphy & Illustration